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Students: Problems downloading MDL Chime?
Please contact your instructor or the computer administrator at your school for assistance and ask them to get an MDL Chime network or distribution agreement (see below).

Wish to install MDL Chime or MDL ISIS/Draw on a network or distribute on a CD?
MDL makes selective grants of licenses to customers who want to use MDL Chime over a network or redistribute it to other users. To apply, download the network and/or distribution agreement(s) below and follow the instructions provided.

Network License Agreement (PDF)
Distribution License Agreement (PDF)

MDL Chime system requirements
Click here for MDL Chime system requirements.

Wish to order a printed copy of an administration manual?
Print on Demand is a process that enables you to order printed and bound versions of administration manuals from the Elsevier MDL Web site. When you order a manual from the Elsevier MDL Web site, it will be shipped directly to you. For more information, please refer to the following:

  1. ChemInform Reaction Library
  2. CrossFire BeilsteinCrossFire Gmelin
  3. Current Synthetic Methodology
  4. Derwent Journal of Synthetic Methods
  5. DiscoveryGate
  6. Integrated Major Reference Works

    MDL Afferent
    MDL Assay Explorer
    MDL Available Chemicals Directory
    MDL Base
    MDL Carcinogenicity Module
    MDL Central Library
    MDL ChemBio AE
    MDL Chemscape
    MDL Cheshire
    MDL Chime
    MDL Chime Pro
    MDL Comprehensive Medicinal Chemistry
    MDL Core Interface
    MDL CrossFire Commander
    MDL CrossFire Server
    MDL Direct
    MDL Draw Enterprise Edition
    MDL Drug Data Report
    MDL Elan
    MDL Isentris
    MDL ISIS for Excel
    MDL ISIS/Base
    MDL ISIS/Draw
    MDL ISIS/Host
    MDL LitLink Direct
    MDL LitLink Server
    MDL Metabolite Database
    MDL Patent Chemistry Database
    MDL Plate Manager
    MDL Reaction Browser
    MDL Reagent Selector
    MDL Reference Library of Synthetic Methodology
    MDL Report Manager
    MDL Screening Compounds Directory (formerly ACD-SC)
    MDL Sculpt
    MDL Select
    MDL Solid-Phase Organic ReactionsMDL Toxicity Database

  7. National Cancer Institute Databases
    OHS Custom Services
    OHS Hazard Communication
    OHS MSDS Services
    OHS Reference
    ORGSYN Database
    Partek Pro

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