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Featured Case Study: Designing and developing apoptosis inducers

Case Study Icon This study illustrates the use of DiscoveryGate and MDL Database Browser to design and develop a library of antihypertensive 1-phenylimidazoles, and includes finding known antihypertensives in MDL Drug Data Report, checking synthetic routes in MDL’s Synthetic Methodology databases, researching preparations of known intermediates in CrossFire Beilstein, and finding starting materials in MDL Available Chemicals Directory

Chemical Structures

Laboratory, Writing Formulas

Solutions for Experiment Management

• MDL® Discovery Biology workflow solutions
• MDL® Discovery Chemistry workflow solutions

Solutions for Assessing Drug Properties when complete experimental data is not available

• MDL® Discovery Predictive Science workflow solutions

Solutions for Accessing Chemical Information

• MDL Discovery Knowledge database overview

Services for Research Scientists

• Training classes for Scientists

Resources for Research Scientists

• DiscoveryGate Interactive Tour


• MDL® LitLink Server: One-click access to the primary literature
• MDL® Afferent: For registration, tracking, and analysis of libraries

Download no-fee MDL® products

• MDL® Chime: Interactive Web browser plug-in
• MDL® ISIS/Draw: Chemically Intelligent Drawing Package
• MDL® ISIS/Base Add-in for MDL® Draw
• AutoNom 2000 Add-In for MDL® ISIS/Desktop
• MDL® File Formats documentation

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