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Types of Custom Application Projects we developped in Gentaur


Our programmers in San Jose, Ca backed by our Polish Plugin Lab developpers assure the projetcs.

Q. My reagent and research sample inventories are not organized, much less consolidated. How can I know what I have, how much is left, and where it is located?

A. We have helped dozens of companies implement inventory systems for sample rooms, site-wide reagent stockrooms, Haystack systems, and individual laboratories. Depending on your needs, we add modules for plate handling, for barcoding containers and plates, catalogs for locating commercially-available chemicals, a link to SAP for purchasing, access to material safety data sheets (MSDS), and more. Do you want a web based system, a custom interface, a link to an existing application? We can help you decide what will work best for you.

Q. With discovery researchers using new techniques to produce more compounds faster, how can I implement a more streamlined way to register new compounds into my system without losing control of quality?

A. A corporate compound registry that contains high-quality, standardized structures and validated data is fundamental to later decision-making. We have implemented many variations on registration systems that use the extensive chemical representation capabilities of ISIS, powerful programming tools, and friendly user dialogs to validate your information as it is entered into the system.

Q. We have a very special, proprietary process for handling our data. Can you create a custom interface to MDL software that reflects our special needs?

A. We take the time to understand your special workflows and work together with you to write specifications. We feel that by investing in a well thought out set of business rules to be built into your application we will ensure that your information system conforms to your work processes and can be modified as those processes evolve.

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Lieven Gevaert, Bio-engineer Genprice Inc.

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