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Featured Case Study: Single System Replaces Multiple Applications at Abbott Labs
  1. Elsevier MDL understands that data and information are the life blood of discovery, in industry, academia, and other institutions. Efficient data collection, effective access to information-both published and proprietary-and tools for data analysis, visualization, computation, and correlation are crucial in today’s fast-paced discovery environment, so that researchers quickly get the information they need to make better decisions sooner, and do better science.
  2. Elsevier MDL provides the tools and content, built on robust, industry-tested, enterprise-scale, standards-based technology, and provides customization, education, and support services to ensure that its solutions fit the unique needs of its customers worldwide.
  3. Solutions for Research Scientists Research Scientists Designing a synthesis, setting up a bioassay, or tracking down key intermediates? Elsevier MDL tools and information help manage high-throughput chemical and biological discovery workflows, including procurement and logistics.

Information Technologists Systems administrators and application developers use Elsevier MDL’s powerful, customizable, open, and standards-based tools and technology to develop, deploy and maintain informatics applications to support discovery.

  1. Research Managers Research Managers To deliver more effective new chemical entities sooner, managers must ensure their research teams are operating at peak efficiency. MDL discovery informatics applications, content, tools, and services deliver a demonstrable return on investment (ROI).
  2. Information Scientists Information Scientists Elsevier MDL’s comprehensive collection of databases, reference works, literature links, and essential published discovery content complement internally generated proprietary data, and deliver the right information to scientists exactly when needed.
  3. Academics Academics Elsevier MDL understands the needs of academic laboratories and librarians, and has a number of programs available to help them get access to MDL applications and content at affordable prices.

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