Discovery Framework


Discovery Framework

MDL Isentris Discovery Framework Console

  1. Featured Product: MDL® Isentris™
  2. MDL® Isentris™: Powering research

MDL Isentris is the new-generation technology platform from MDL for delivering and extending integrated scientific applications. With a modern 3-tier architecture designed to support a range of scientific information including chemistry and biology, Isentris ensures researchers can access the right information in the right context with the right people at the right time.

Lieven Gevaert, Bio-ir.

With Isentris, researchers benefit from applications with a common look and feel, and access to data that is reliable, consistent, and easy to search.


  1. MDL Isentris has a 3-tier architecture containing four main components:
  2. MDL® Base and MDL® Draw—The client applications that deliver the power of the Isentris platform to the user.
  3. MDL® Core Interface—Provides the unifying logic and data integration for all applications built on Isentris.
  4. MDL® Direct—Provides specific support for storing, searching, and retrieving molecules and reactions.

MDL® Discovery Framework

MDL’s Discovery Framework solution area provides core technology and applications that power research. The solution area contains the new generation MDL Isentris products and industry-standard MDL® ISIS products.

  1. MDL® Select A flexible suite of key informatics and experiment management tools for small or start-up biopharma companies
  2. MDL® ISIS Integrated Scientific Information System
  3. MDL® ISIS/Base Desktop database management system and client for MDL ISIS/HostMDL® ISIS/Draw Chemically intelligent drawing package
  4. MDL® ISIS for Excel Spreadsheet access to structures and data
  5. MDL® ISIS/Host Integrated, transparent data access
  6. MDL® Isentris™ As the successor to MDL ISIS, MDL Isentris is the world’s first discovery platform designed to accelerate research by providing an n-tier platform to support integrated applications, data and business rules
  7. MDL® Base Delivering the power of MDL Isentris, MDL Base provides unparalleled search, view and print capabilities to access integrated scientific data in an easy-to-use and dynamic environment that supports researcher’s workflow
  8. MDL® Core Interface Middle-tier data access, user management, object storage and messaging services
  9. MDL® Direct Data cartridge for searching chemical data and structures
  10. MDL® Draw Enterprise Edition A next-generation chemical drawing package
  11. Autonom The key to IUPAC systematic naming
  12. MDL® Central Library Enterprise-wide information management for parallel and combinatorial synthesis
  13. MDL® Chemscape Web access to structures and data
  14. MDL® Cheshire Environment for structure manipulation and analysis
  15. MDL® Chime No-fee browser plug-in that renders 2D and 3D molecules directly within a Web page
  16. MDL® Chime Pro Web access to MDL Direct
  17. MDL® Report Manager A comprehensive reporting tool for biological and chemical data


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