The Usual Myths Surrounding the Electronic Cigarette
December 12, 2011 — 12:58

There are certainly a ton of innovations made in this day and age, all of which aim to provide complete convenience to people. Some of these innovations actually do a pretty good job of enhancing people’s lives quite significantly.

For most people, it’s a matter of ensuring that they live such healthy lifestyles, especially when they realize that they’ve indulged in too many vices that would not do their health any amount of good.

This is something which applies to smokers all over the world. While the idea that one can find some stress relief from lighting up a cigarette, inhaling and exhaling smoke, it’s also something which has long been recognized as dangerous to the health, especially with prolonged use.

electronic cigaretteThis is why there have been many companies out there that have come up with risk-free solutions to smoking, specifically electronic cigarettes.

An electronic cigarette offers such huge benefit to people who have long wanted to quit smoking, most especially since it utilizes innovative technology which can deliver nicotine to those who get to use it.

Their popularity has led to the tobacco industry feeling threatened, often pushing them to create less risky forms of cigarettes. However, there’s no denying that real cigarettes will always contain poisonous substances that will hamper a person’s health.

However, e-cigs are also quite prone to some backlash. In fact, there are various myths involving e-cigs which have led to a bit of confusion among those interested in availing of them.

Below are just a few examples of those myths.

  1. Nobody knows what is contained in e-cigs, therefore making them more dangerous – The mere fact is that there have been several studies conducted to determine the ingredients in e-cigs. In fact, these substances can be found in a number of everyday objects and things, including fog machines and asthma inhalers. Tobacco based cigarettes, on the other hand, contain a ton of poisonous substances such as carbon monoxide, arsenic and other substances which may cause ill health, at worst leading to lung cancer.
  2. E-cigs are marketed to people who don’t smoke – The truth is that people who are looking to quit smoking but aren’t ready to kick the habit just yet are the main targets of these products. After all, nicotine is a substance which can be found in a number of gums, cigarettes, lozenges, leaf tobacco and many more. It’s a person’s choice to use e-cigs, whether they are smokers or not. Most people who avail of these devices are either looking to quit smoking or are purchasing them for friends or relatives.
  3. E-cigs are illegal in the U.S. – This is obviously a myth, since e-cigs are available for purchase in the United States. There aren’t any formal guidelines imposed by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) over the use of these devices, since they don’t fall into either medical items or drugs. Yet, they are completely legal for public use.

These are three myths which are often associated with the use of an electronic cigarette.

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